Main Contributions

Klamer10SSSI try to make a contribution to the field of cultural economics with the value based approach that I am developing. New are the notions of shared goods, and the four sphere model. Of course, I hope that they will prove to be contributions but that the community of scholars will determine. I hope to make a major contribution with the Quality Impact monitor that I am developing with others. I make serious efforts to educate students and professionals in the worlds of art and culture. I am proud of the Master of Cultural Economics and Entrepreneurship that I helped to develop and of the series of workshops on Cultural Economics and the values of culture that I am doing with Creare throughout the world (eg in Amsterdam, India, Uganda, Japan, Portugal, Venice, Brazil and Let land).  

Most important is the PhD program for which I am responsible. Already 18 people achieved their PhD and most of them have good careers in academia (5 of whom became full professor). Currently around 14 people from all over the world are working towards their PhD under my supervision. I also try to contribute to professional education in the liberal arts. I have tried to develop a unique University in Deventer, Academia Vitae, but the recessions forced me to cease the effort. I am now involved in setting up a sequel under the name of Academia of Liberal Arts. In this Academia we take the classics seriously.I also try to contribute to societal and political discussions by means of lectures, columns, debates and am now involved in local politics (to discover how complex and demanding the craft of politics is). 

And I want to take care of my family and be there for friends and students.