Economics and Heritage Conservation

Research Report - A Meeting Organized by the Getty Conservation Institute, December 1998, Getty Center, Los Angeles

The Economics of Heritage Conservation: A Discussion
Daniel Bluestone, Arjo Klamer, David Throsby, Randall Mason

The Values of Cultural Heritage: Merging Economic and Cultural Appraisals
Arjo Klamer and Peter-Wim Zuidhof

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Preface by  Marta de la Torre, April 1999

It is not a new discovery that economics play a large role in our everyday lives—and an ever larger role in the sphere of culture and the arts. The influence of economic and business thinking presents a significant challenge to the heritage conservation field. We are confronted with a daunting array of economic difficulties and obstacles—as well as new worlds of opportunity. Increasingly we find economic considerations taking precedence over cultural, social, political, and aesthetic values when it comes to making decisions about what heritage is to be conserved. Because this trend is occurring the world over with regard to all types of material heritage, and because our decisions about what and how to conserve are strongly influenced by economic considerations, the Getty C o n s e rvation Institute (GCI) is pursuing the Economics of Heritage Conservation as an area of research.

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