Irene van Staveren

My field of study is pluralist economics, in particular development economics, and social economic issues. I am Professor of Pluralist Development Economics at the International Institute of Social Studies, of Erasmus University Rotterdam. I have edited a book and a handbook on economics and ethics, a book on the feminist economic of trade, and a book on social capital. I am currently writing an introductory economic textbook that is both pluralist and using global context, titled ‘Economics after the Crisis’ (Routledge). My recent research includes studies on bank culture and gender biases in finance, and work in behavioural economics on beliefs and on nudging.

My PhD dissertation (1999) was titled ‘Caring for Economics – an Aristotelian Perspective’. It is still available as The Values of Economics – and Aristotelian Perspective (2001) from Routledge.


Professor of Pluralist Development Economics 
International Institute of Social Studies of Erasmus University Rotterdam
PO Box 29776
2502 LT The Hague
The Netherlands
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