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A few years ago I stumbled into the problem of the crafts. The modern world seemed to have all forgotten about the crafts, yet they are too important to be overlooked. With Ph D students I conducted an international survey of the crafts in a variety of countries.  We hit upon the notion of craft culture: some countries like Japan, Germany and Italy crafts have a strong craft culture as the crafts are cherished and nurtured. In several publications in Dutch and in English (under preparation) we are pleading for a restoration of the craft culture in other countries.

Crafting Culture Report

Report publication date: April 2013

How well are the crafts doing in the Netherlands in a comparison with other countries? Is it possible to learn from other countries?

This is the question that the Hoofdbedrijfschap Ambachten posed to us. And so we set to work to chart practices, policies, institutions and economies concerning the utilitarian crafts in China, India, Germany and Italy. Our objective was to draw lessons for the Dutch. Can the Dutch benefit from practices in these countries? Are there best practices that the Dutch can emulate.    

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